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The End?

"We've likely lost any [Donkey] servers that are hosted in Germany.

It appears that German courts have decided to hold server operators liable for file sharing. Even though the server does not contain any of thesong, if the server facilitates the copyright infringement, the server operator is held liable for 20,000 Euro (about $28,000 USD) per song! This is more than 3 times the amount that a simple file-sharer is fined for actually sharing a song.

The $20,000 Euro fine against a server operator is fixed for each file, while the simple file sharer is fined on a gradually decreasing scale for the second, third, and additional files involved in the infringement. "

"Basically the Big Bang servers were taken down silently after they got a letter from BREIN (Dutch anti-piracy gang). The Donkey Servers are said to have been stopped preventively"

So the story goes...

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