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Waiting for the day

I'm posting again from that damn Pocket LJ client, where Russian seems not to be welcomed.

A big thank you to fascinator for the Chilled Ibiza 2000 Compilation. It sounds cool on this terribly hot day.

Finally, we have booked an hotel on the Adriatic coast, for two weeks in August. Last time when I was on holidays on the sea was three years ago. I'm fucking tired, and I'm a bit confused of how my life is going. I need a break, the only thing I can think of these days is to lay down somewhere under the sun, completely senseless, with no worring about the present and no dreaming of the future, and at night go clubbing, just to get exhausted by the different reality, to be reminded that the world is indeed fucking huge.

I'm getting my iPaq with me, so if there's a GPRS coverage in Rimini, I'm online from time to time. I'll only have to change my SIM card for not being caught by my dearest colleagues.

Three weeks and counting...


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